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From conceptual design to coordination drawings

The catering system of a cruise ship consists of several food outlets and galleys. The food, waste and passenger and waiter flows have to be created into an efficient catering area network. The equipment has to be placed correctly to make an easily cleanable and service friendly arrangement in compliance with USPHS rules.

To ensure reliability, safety and low operational costs we specify equipment most suitable for cruise ship use. The equipment is chosen in close cooperation with the ship’s owner to find the best overall solution.

SeaKing provides the layouts and specifications including both technical and financial data to proceed with the project. We also prepare the coordination and installation drawings to match the building and installation of the catering system with the ship’s construction. Coordination engineering includes the layout, penetration, foundation and gutterway drawings for the catering areas.

SeaKing has made the conceptual design, specifications and engineering for most of the milestone platforms launched in the cruise industry since 1985, as well as for numerous conversion and refurbishment projects.

Milestone references

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