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Hoods and canopies

SeaKing hoods and canopies ensure functional and energy efficient ventilation of catering areas. The product range covers everything from condensation canopies to dry and washable UV hoods.

SeaKing has developed an innovative hood and canopy control system that is demand based. Actual usage data of the adjacent galley equipment is used to control the UV lights operation and automatic hood wash cycles. This enables water and detergent savings and extends the usable lifetime of the UV lights.

The system can also control the exhaust flow from the individual hood and canopy sections to enable demand based ventilation. The control system monitors the energy usage in the whole galley area to ensure that the overall ventilation levels are sufficient to remove that energy and maintain a comfortable work environment. The energy savings potential of demand based ventilation control is considerable compared to traditional solutions.

Our demand based ventilation solution is available both for newbuilds and refurbishments of existing vessels.

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